DAI Mod Manager Tutorial

Or How Do I Get All Those Wonderful Mods?

This tutorial is intended as a very basic how-to for how to run the Mod Manager and merge mods. At the bottom of the tutorial will be a few links on places to go to for assistance, only the most basic of troubleshooting will be including in this tutorial. These instructions are intended for those who have never used the Mod Manager before, and do not know where to begin.

Please refer to this post on how to acquire the Mod Manager. Once you have the program and have extracted the files to an easily accessible location on your computer, begin the following steps.

Under the cut for length. The Mod Makers believe in pictures with their tutorials.

How to Configure Mod Manager:

0) Open Mod Manager v1.0.0.59 via the Launch button in the DAI Tools Suite. If it is the first time running the software, you will see this popup. Click ‘OK’:


0) A Windows Explorer pop-up will appear with ‘ Find Dragon Age: Inquisition executable ’ at the top. Navigate to the folder on your computer where the ‘ DragonAgeInquisition.exe ’ file is located (the installation patch for your game). Click on the file to highlight it, then click ‘ Open ’ in the bottom right as in the screenshot below. This will set your Dragon Age Path:


0) Now you will see the below window appear. Notice that your Dragon Age Path has something in it, but your Mod Path is empty and no mods are showing up. Click on the ‘ Browse ’ button for the Mod Path and navigate to the folder where your selected mods are located:


0) Once this is done, you should now see mods appear in the left hand pane:


0) Make sure to highlight the ‘ Official Patch ’ (the first one listed in the left hand pane) and make sure it matches your current patch. Patch 01 should be Version 02 :


0) If you want to disable certain mods for any reason, click on the mod to highlight it and then click on the ‘ Disable ’ button as in the screenshot below:


0) To Re-enable the button, again click on the mod to highlight it and click ‘ Enable ’ as in the screenshot below:


0) Once all the mods you want to use have been selected, click on the Merge button:


0) You will see the following window pop up:


00) Wait until the ‘ Task Completed Successfully ’ line appears in the box, and then click ‘ Close ’. If any mods conflict, you will see it during this step:


And that’s it! Your mods are now successfully modded directly into your Update folder! No further action on your part is required.


In general, if you are encountering errors, it means you need to repair your Origin installation, particularly the first time you run a new version of the Mod Manager. To do so, use these following steps:

0) In your Update folder, delete any folder whose name begins with Patch. This includes both the Official Bioware Patch folder and any modded Patch folders that may still be there, such as Patch_ModManagerMerge

0) Open your Origin client, right-click on Dragon Age: Inquisition in your library, and select ‘ Repair Game

0) Once the ‘Repair Game’ is finished, try merging your mods again using the above steps

If you continue to have errors, please go to the DAI Tools forum or send in a Bug Report . However, be aware that all help is entirely voluntary, and that your problem may not have a solution. Modding is a tricky business, and sometimes things just don’t work the way they should.


When you find a new mod and want to add it, the only precaution you should take is to delete your previous Patch_ModManagerMerge folder from the Update folder and then merge the mods again.

Hopefully this tutorial will help you mod your game successfully. Good luck, and happy modding!

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