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SHOCK CINEMA 02. Interviews with Jon Gries , Warren Berlinger , Larry B. Scott , William Morgan Sheppard , and Art LaFleur . Reviews include Bruce Davison in John Flynn"s The Jerusalem File ; Bernie Travis in Dirtymouth ; Julie London in Hugo Haas" Night Of the Quarter Moon ; James Brolin and Cliff Gorman in John Korty"s Class of "63 ; Nicol Williamson and Anna Karina in Tony Richardson"s Laughter un the Dark ; Chris Robinson and Mickey Rooney in Ace Of Hearts [Juego Sucio en Panamá] ; Hannelore Elsner in Will Tremper"s The Endless Night [Die Endlose Nacht] ; Stacy Keach and Roger Moore in Street People ; Marie-France Pisier, Bulle Ogier and Leslie Caron in Sérail [Surreal Estate] ; Andrew Leavold"s The Search For Weng Weng ; Eckhart Schmidt"s Loft ; Harry Guardino in The Lonely Profession ; Joseph Bologna and Barbara Harris in Mixed Company ; Jean Seberg and James Mason in Kill ; Miklós Jancsó"s Private Vices, Public Virtues ; Khigh Dhiegh, Mako and James Hong in Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders ; James Bickert"s Frankenstein Created Bikers ; Lucinda Dooling in Lovely But Deadly ; Marcello Mastroianni and Marthe Keller in Down the Ancient Stairs ; Michel Piccoli in The Prize of Peril ; Gérard Kikoïne"s Mannequin ; Joe Don Baker in Phil Karlson"s Framed ; Riccardo Freda and Mario Bava"s Caltiki, the Immortal Monster ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #51:
SHOCK CINEMA 01. Interviews with Dabney Coleman , Tracey Walter , Chris Sarandon , Mills Watson , and filmmaker David L. Hewitt . Reviews include Buster Crabbe and Chuck McCann in The Comeback Trail ; Joseph Adler"s Convention Girls ; Richard Crenna in Footsteps ; Edouard Luntz"s Naked Hearts [Les Coeurs Verts] ; Don Murray and Linda Evans in Tale of the Cock [Confessions of Tom Harris] ; Shelley Winters in A House is Not a Home ; Alan Arkin in The Other Side of Hell ; Robin Spry"s Prologue and Drying Up the Streets ; Jeff Morrow and Janet Agren in Dino Risi"s A Normal Young Man ; Rose-Marie Turko"s Scarred ; Dirk Benedict and Linda Blair in Ruckus ; Peter Vaughan in Smokescreen ; George Segal in Not My Kid ; Felipe Cazals" The Year of the Plague ; The Phantom Kid ; Vittorio Gassman in Brancaleone"s Army ; Fernando Di Leo"s A Woman on Fire ; Christopher Phelps and Maxim Van Scoy"s Lake Nowhere ; Larry Peerce"s The Sporting Club ; Billy Garberina"s Rotgut ; Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments ; Russell S. Doughten, Jr."s Whitcomb"s War ; They Came From the Swamp: The Films of William Grefé ; Lotte Tarp in Morianna [I, the Body] ; Peter Hooten and Mako in Prisoners ; Lake of the Dead [De Dødes Tjern] ; the X-rated Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers rip-off Up in Flames ; Dudley Sutton and Ronald Lacey in The Boys ; Ralf Huettner"s Babylon [Im Bett Mit Dem Teufel] ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #50:
SHOCK CINEMA 00. Interviews with Saul Rubinek , Pepe Serna , Stuart Margolin , Paul Calderon , and Richard Riehle . Reviews include Kay Lenz in Lisa, Bright and Dark ; Terence Stamp in Hu-Man ; Ernest Pintoff"s Harvey Middleman, Fireman ; Jerry Orbach in A Fan"s Notes ; Donald O"Connor and Jimmy Durante in The Milkman ; Catherine Deneuve and Anne Parillaud in Ecoute Voir... ; Dee Wallace and Grant Goodeve in the Christian drama All the King"s Horses ; Warren Mitchell in Where Has Poor Mickey Gone...? ; Paul Sorvino It Couldn"t Happen To a Nicer Guy ; Christina Hornisher"s Hollywood 00028 ; John Heard in Best Revenge [a.k.a. Misdeal] ; Elio Petri"s Todo Modo ; John Beck in The Great American Traffic Jam ; Jessica Harper in Super Plastic Elastic Goggles ; Anthony Newley in The Small World of Sammy Lee ; Dennis Christopher in Didn"t You Hear? ; Clyde Houston"s Fox Style ; Patrick McGoohan"s Catch My Soul ; Jean Seberg in Birds in Peru ; Scott Glenn in The Challenge ; Sammy Davis, Jr. in Sammy Stops the World ; Michel Constantin in Pillaged [a.k.a. Mise a Sac] ; William Friedkin"s The Pickle Brothers ; John Saxon and Leslie Nielsen in Snatched ; Jean-Paul Belmondo in The Night Caller [a.k.a. Fear Over the City] ; Kurtwood Smith in Hard Scrambled ; Charles Rocket in Steel Collar Man ; Tatum O"Neal in Chris Frieri"s Sweet Lorraine ; Play for Today: "A Photograph" ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #49:
SHOCK CINEMA 09. Interviews with Michael York , Linda Purl , Kristine DeBell , Terry Carter , and Steve Eastin . Reviews include Belinda Balaski in the ABC Afterchool Special The Runaways ; Michael Verhoeven"s O.K. ; Monica Gayle in The Harem Bunch, or War and Piece ; Rod Taylor in The Man Who Had Power Over Women ; Oliver Reed and Peter Cushing in No Secrets ; Ryan O"Neal hosts the groovy TV-special Romp!! ; Jens Ravn"s The Man Who Thought Life [Manden der Tækte Ting] ; Jennifer Beals in Sam Fuller"s Tinikling or "The Madonna and the Dragon" ; Desi Arnaz, Jr. in Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones ; Charles Denner in Alain Jessua"s Life Upside Down ; Russ Thacker and Brad Sullivan in Parades [a.k.a. The Line] ; Hanna-Barbera"s Dusan Vukotic"s The Seventh Continent ; Ed Hunt"s Canucksploitation duo Pleasure Palace and Diary of a Sinner ; Richard Harrison in Fireback and Blood Debts ; Alice in Wonderland, Or What"s a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This? ; James Best in Man on the Prowl ; Topo Gigio and the Missile War ; Alexandra Curtis in Eckhart Schmidt"s Das Gold der Liebe ; Gian Maria Volonte and Tomas Milian in Face To Face ; Brett Piper"s Queen Crab ; Anurag Kashyap"s Gangs of Wasseypur ; Gary Graver"s And When She Was Bad... [a.k.a. There Was a Little Girl] ; Blood Riders: The Devil Rides With Us ; Valeria Golino in Little Flames ; Manos: The Hands of Fate ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #48:
SHOCK CINEMA 08. Interviews with M.C. Gainey , Richard Masur , Colleen Camp , Jane Merrow , and William Hjortsberg . Reviews include Victor Garber in Monkeys in the Attic ; Lando Buzzanca in Fermate Il Mondo... Voglio Scendere! ; Linda Purl in A Last Cry For Help ; Dusan Vukotic"s Visitors From The Arkana Galaxy [Gosti iz Galaksije] ; Some of My Best Friends Are... ; M.C. Gainey in The Big Bust ; Randall Carver and Ed Nelson in Time to Run ; Adam and Nicole [a.k.a. Erotic Inferno] ; Dick Van Dyke in Some Kind of a Nut ; Helga Anders and Klaus Löwitsch in The Brutes [Mädchen mit Gewalt] ; Larry Buchanan"s High Yellow ; Nick Adams in Russell S. Doughton, Jr."s Fever Heat ; Play of the Month: "The Devil"s Eggshell" ; Lauren D"Avella in Sexina ; Gregg Golding"s Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones ; Duke Mitchell"s Massacre Mafia Style and Gone with the Pope ; Eckhart Schmidt"s E.T.A. Hoffmann"s Der Sandmann , Carole Bouquet in Werner Schroeter"s Day of the Idiots [Tag der Idioten] ; Play For Today: "Vampires" ; Richard Crenna in Thief ; James Franciscus in The Dream Makers ; Orville Wanzer"s The Devil"s Mistress ; Richard Egan in Fanfare For a Death Scene ; Marino Marzano"s Witchdoctor in Tails [Stregoni in Tight] ; Mike Brune and Anna Chlumsky in Blood Car ; Mitchell Linden"s The American Scream ; Désirée Nosbusch in The Fan ; Mutantis ; Dustin Mills" Skinless ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #47:
SHOCK CINEMA 07. Interviews with John Doe , Harris Yulin , Richard Anderson , Angel Tompkins , and Ken Swofford . Reviews include Stephen Lack in The Rubber Gun ; Donald Pleasence in Arthur? Arthur! ; Alexis Kanner in Ernie"s Game and Mahoney"s Last Stand ; Rich Little and Herb Voland in Bob Einstein"s Another Nice Mess ; Hans Jürgen Syberberg and Christian Blackwood"s San Domingo ; Judy Brown and Henry Brandon in Lee Madden"s The Manhandlers ; Alberto Sordi in Mario Monicelli"s An Average Little Man [Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo] and Tinto Brass" The Flying Saucer [Il Disco Volante] ; Denis Hargrave"s nudist camp documentary The Naked Peacock ; Alan Clarke"s Psy-Warriors ; William Smith and Tony Burton in Blackjack ; Lloyd Bridges in Ivan Tors" Daring Game ; Bronco Bullfrog ; Gérard Alcan"s Robert Kennedy assassination documentary The Second Gun ; Lou Pearlman"s Longshot ; Lisa Gastoni and Lou Castel in Thank You Auntie [Grazie Zia] ; Mathieu Carrière in Jacques Doniol-Valcroze"s The Man With the Transplanted Brain ; Pasquale Festa Campanile"s The Slave ; Solange Pradel in From Ear to Ear [Les Cousines] ; Ángel Fernández Franco in Perros Callejeros and Perros Callejeros II ; Viva and Tina Aumont in Franco Brocani"s Necropolis ; Julius Harris in Carter Lord"s regional horror-fantasy The Enchanted ; Bill Paxton in Taking Tiger Mountain ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #46:
SHOCK CINEMA 06. Interviews with Tim Matheson , Scott Wilson , David Huddleston , Mike Starr , and Peter Jason . Reviews include Ian McShane, Isaac Hayes and Antonio Fargas, Jr. in Soul Survivors ; Daniel Greene and Peter Lupus pump it up in Pulsebeat ; Steve Hawkes in Manuel Caño"s Tarzan-knock-off Zan, King of the Jungle ; Richard Conte tackles a decades-old murder in William Castle"s Hollywood Story ; Ossie Davis stars as The Sheriff ; Aussie director Albie Thoms" "surfie" drama Palm Beach ; Larry Pennell and Kim Kahana in Brother, Cry For Me ; François Dunoyer and Corinne Touzet in Les Hordes ; Matt Mitler"s Cracking Up ; Chris Makepeace and Scott Hylands in A Savage Hunger [a.k.a. The Oasis] ; a pair of UK bank-heist films, Strongroom and Bomb in the High Street ; Robert Walker, Jr. in The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe ; Donald Pleasence and Patrick McGoohan in Armchair Theatre: "The Greatest Man in the World" ; Dieter Laser in Yevgeni Zamyatin"s Wir [We] ; Alan Alda and Blythe Danner in To Kill a Clown ; Glenn Ford and Anthony Quayle in Jarrett ; Frank Langella in Sherlock Holmes ; Victor Buono and Burt Young in the TV-detective spoof Murder Can Hurt You! ; Sydne Rome in The Tin Girl ; Max von Sydow in Jan Troell"s The Flight of the Eagle ; The Changes ; Sergio Sollima"s The Big Gundown ; Clu Gulager in Vic ; David Yow in William Hellfire"s Upsidedown Cross ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #45:
SHOCK CINEMA 05. Interviews with Stacy Keach , Peter Stormare , Charles Dierkop , Jenny Wright , and Robert Loggia . Reviews include Val Kilmer and Michelle Pfeiffer in One Too Many ; Ossie Davis in Slaves ; Mike Hodges" trippy children"s mini-series The Tyrant King ; Basil Rathbone, John Carradine and Cameron Mitchell in the Mexican comedy-fantasy Autopsy Of A Ghost ; Sid and Marty Krofft"s abysmal Fol-De-Rol ; Robert Reed in Operation Runaway: "No Princess For My Cinderella" ; Joseph E. Levine in Albert and David Maysles" Showman ; Alice Krige in the South African musical-romance Don"t Forget Me [Vergeet My Nie] ; Tom Nardini in Self Defense [a.k.a. Siege] ; Gary Cooper in The Naked Edge ; Jonathan Winters and George Kennedy in the disaster-movie spoof short Sonic Boom ; Frank Henenlotter"s That"s Sexploitation ; Florinda Bolkan and Tony Musante in Metti, Una Sera a Cena ; John Derek and Ursula Andress in Nightmare in the Sun ; Donald Pleasance and Michael Dunn in House Of The Damned [La Loba y la Paloma] ; Francesca Annis in The Eyes Of Annie Jones ; Michael and Roberta Findlay"s Snuff ; Chuck Connors in Walk The Dark Street ; The Chevy Chase Show and The Chevy Chase National Humor Test ; Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham in The Trap ; An American Hippie in Israel ; Daniel Erickson"s all-mannequin Eve"s Necklace ; Graham Kennedy in The Odd Angry Shot ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #44:
SHOCK CINEMA 04. Interviews with Stuart Whitman , Shirley Knight , Barbara Bouchet , and Jon Polito . Reviews include Alan Alda and Patrick McGoohan in Elmore Leonard"s The Moonshine War ; Kristoffer Tabori in Making It ; a devout student battles evolution in the Christploitation drama Test of Faith ; Carole Laure in Gilles Carle"s The Angel and the Woman [L"Ange et la Femme] ; a pair of 0978, New York City street gang documentaries -- Youth Terror: The View From Behind the Gun and Lefty - Erinnerung An Einen Toten In Brooklyn [Lefty: Memories of a Dead One in Brooklyn] ; Fabian Forte in Soul Hustler ; Canadian singer Terry Jacks in the rural adventure Seasons in the Sun ; Robin Phillips and Judy Geeson in Two Gentlemen Sharing ; Robert Kramer"s sci-fi fiasco Diesel ; Brenda Sykes in Honky ; Marcello Mastroianni and Oliver Reed in Dino Risi"s Dirty Weekend ; Tom Laughlin in The Young Sinner ; The Legend of Hillbilly John ; Lino Ventura and Mireille Darc in Fantasia Chez Les Ploucs ; Tom Hanson"s marijuana smuggling The Big Score [a.k.a. A Ton of Grass Goes To Pot] ; David Selby and Kim Cattrall in The Night Rider ; Victor Manuel, Ana Belén and Michael J. Pollard in Morbo [Morbidness] ; Donnie and Marie Osmond in Goin" Coconuts ; Richard Conte in Emilio Vieyra"s Stay Tuned For Terror [Extraña Invasión] ; Doug McClure in the Cold War TV-movie The Death of Me Yet ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #43:
SHOCK CINEMA 03. Interviews with Chris Elliott , Bruce Davison , Steve Railsback , Ian Ogilvy , and O-Lan Jones . Reviews include Bulle Ogier and Pierre Clementi in Les Idoles ; Mark IV Pictures" boy-meets-bear melodrama A Stranger in My Forest ; Scott Jacoby and Britt Ekland in Baxter! ; a pair of early Martin Scorsese credits -- Pim de la Parra"s Netherlands psychodrama Possessed [Bezeten; a.k.a. Obessions] and John Mavros" Reflections ; Tom Selleck searches for arsonist Warren Oates in The Movie Murderer ; Jackie Mason in The Stoolie ; Sonny Chiba goes feral in Wolfguy: Enraged Lycanthrope ; The Cloning of Clifford Swimmer ; Anthony Hopkins turns action hero in When Eight Bells Toll ; Oliver Tobias and Ernest Borgnine in The Last Match ; Richard Griffin"s exploitation duet, The Disco Exorcist and Atomic Brain Invasion ; Carroll Baker in Marco Ferreri"s The Harem ; Richard Boone and Randy Quaid in The Great Niagara ; Damon Packard"s Foxfur ; David Peel: Rock"N"Roll Outlaw ; John Hawkes in Daniel Erickson"s Scary Movie ; Darren Ward"s A Day of Violence ; James Mason and Ian Ogilvy in Cop-Out ; The Naked Road ; a French boy is menaced by a maniaical Santa Claus in Game Over [36.15 Code Pere Noel] ; Peter Finch and Linda Hayden in Something to Hide ; Elizabeth Taylor in the U.S./Russian mega-bomb The Blue Bird ; The Beast of Budapest ; James Bickert"s underground bikerama Dear God No! ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #42:
SHOCK CINEMA 02. Interviews with Bo Hopkins , Gary Lockwood , Alex Cord , William Katt , and Marki Bey . Reviews include Melissa Sue Anderson and Robert Carradine in Survival of Dana ; Judy Geeson in the Danish psychodrama One of Those Things ; Robert D. West"s The Wednesday Children ; Adam Roarke and Neville Brand in This is a Hijack ; Kim Willoughby in Tearaway [a.k.a. Queen City Rocker] ; Stella Stevens in Linda ; Robert Warmflash"s martial-arts romp Death Promise ; Shelley Winters and a cross-dressing Max von Sydow in Gran Bollito ; Rip Torn as poet Walt Whitman in Song of Myself ; Klaus Hoffmeyer"s mega-dose of Danish surrealism, The Hash Tree ; Patrick Macnee, Connie Stevens and Marty Allen in Mister Jerico ; the Hungarian children"s fantasy Grandpa Chillie Challa ; Ricky Shayne in The Battle of the Mods ; the hippie-sexploitation double-bill Psychedelicsex Kicks and Wild Hippie Orgy ; Piotr Szulkin"s bleak science-fiction vision, The War of the Worlds: Next Century ; Bert Convy in the tennis sex-comedy Racquet ; Nicanor Loreti"s Diablo ; John Loder in The Brighton Strangler ; Albert Pyun"s Tales of an Ancient Empire ; Xaviera Hollander in the Canadian sex-comedy My Pleasure is My Business ; Peter Boyle and Scott Jacoby in The Man Who Could Talk To Kids ; Ben Gazzara and Paul Winfield in High Velocity ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #41:
SHOCK CINEMA 01. Interviews with actresses Nancy Allen and Judy Pace , actors Michael Beck and Burton Gilliam , plus writer-director Larry Yust . Reviews include Wayne Newton in 00 Steps to Jonah ; Stacy Keach and Harris Yulin in Watched! ; Ted Danson and Christopher Lee in Once Upon a Spy ; Michael Douglas and Joe Don Baker in Adam at Six a.m. ; Tarry-Dan Tarry-Dan Scarey Old Spooky Man ; Harry Dean Stanton and Joe Spinell in The Ransom of Red Chief ; Jean-Claude Killy in Snow Job ; Jean Pierre Mocky"s surreal fantasy-thriller Litan ; James Darren, Shelley Winters and Burl Ives in Let No Man Write My Epitaph ; Kate Nelligan and Howard Hesseman in Victims ; Brendan Fletcher in Little Criminals ; Terry-Thomas and Barry Humphries in Bruce Beresford"s Side By Side ; Walt Disney"s trippy tribute to the American highway, Magic Highway, U.S.A. ; Lee Van Cleef and Tony Musante in Nowhere to Hide ; Bette Midler, Robin Williams and a slew of obnoxiously smug celebrities in The Earth Day Special ; James Russo in Buddy Giovinazzo"s The Unscarred ; Dean Martin in Mr. Ricco ; Mimsy Farmer in La Traque ; Giancarlo Giannini in Tinto Brass" Snack Bar Budapest ; ; Daniel Pilon in Gilles Carle"s Red the Half-Breed ; Erik Blomberg"s Finnish folk tale The White Reindeer ; Per Oscarsson in Traumstadt [Dream City] ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #40:
SHOCK CINEMA 00. Interviews with actors Clint Walker , Aubrey Morris , James McEachin and Roger Ward , plus actress Louisa Moritz . Reviews include Robert Reed in The Secret Night Caller ; Oliver Reed in The Party"s Over ; Alan Clarke"s Stars of the Roller State Disco ; Walon Green"s pseudo-science plant-documentary The Secret Life of Plants ; Young Americans ; Risto Jarva"s Finnish science-fiction tale A Time of Roses ; The Secret of Magic Island ; Michael Knight, Greg Germann and Viggo Mortensen in High School Narc ; Breaking NYC Style and Let"s Break ; Mare Winningham in the David Chase-scripted Off the Minnesota Strip ; Jans Rautenbach"s South African psychodrama Jannie Totsiens ; Elliott Gould in the boxing-kangaroo fiasco Matilda ; Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana ; Faye Dunaway and Frank Langella in René Clément"s The Deadly Trap ; Richard Conte in The Sleeping City ; Michael Parks in Love and the Midnight Auto Supply ; Ken Gampu and Nigel Davenport in Death of a Snowman ; James Russo in Candy Store ; the Canadian hippie-sexploitation romp Loving and Laughing ; Clive Owen and David Thewlis in Vroom ; Leonard Jackson in Super Spook ; Curd Jürgens in Das Stunden-Hotel Von St. Pauli ; Keir Dullea in Paperback Hero ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #39:
SHOCK CINEMA 09. Interviews with actors Nigel Davenport and Luke Askew , actress Marlene Clark , director Michael Schultz , and producer-production manager Paul Lewis . Reviews include Zero Mostel and Joey Heatherton in the Yellowstone TV-special Old Faithful ; Rene Cardona Sr."s The Incredible Professor Zovek ; Celine Lomez in Denys Arcand"s Gina ; Lena Headey in Loved Up ; the Norwegian sci-fi mini-series Stowaway [Blindpassasjer] ; Connie Stevens and Mark Damon in The Party Crashers ; David Johansen in God Is On The Other Side ; Andrzej Kondratiuk"s superhero-fantasy The Hydroriddle ; Joe Don Baker and Tyne Daly in Speedtrap ; Victor Dashuk"s Long Knives Night and Reporting From A Rabbit Hutch ; Ferd and Beverly Sebastian"s On the Air Live With Captain Midnight ; Peter Lawford in the Eurotrash melodrama Walls of Sin ; Jay Cynik"s Punch ; Vittorio Gassman and Catherine Deneuve in Dino Risi"s Lost Soul ; Richard Roundtree in Charley-One-Eye ; Michel Deville"s paranoia-fueled sci-fi outing Dossier 01 ; The Canyons Of His Mind: Vivian Stanshall ; Bert I. Gordon"s How To Succeed With Sex ; Peter Ustinov and John Astin in Viva Max ; Victor Argo in The Electric Chair ; Elizabeth Campbell in Albert Zugsmith"s The Chinese Room ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #38:
SHOCK CINEMA 08. Interviews with actors Jim Kelly , Ed Lauter and Jack Betts , plus director Gordon Hessler . Reviews include Klaus Kinski"s live-performance documentary Jesus Christ Saviour ; Elizabeth Shepherd in the UK TV-series The Corridor People ; Raoul Servais" animated/live-fantasy fantasy Taxandria ; Robert Sampson, Pippa Scott and Billy Graham in For Pete"s Sake! ; Anna Friel in Juraj Jakubisko"s Bathory ; Yvette Mimieux in Brainwash ; Carroll Baker and George Maharis in Sylvia ; Ray Wise in the sci-fi pilot Condor: Secret Agent of the Year 0000 ; Alex Cord and Britt Ekland in Stiletto ; James Felix McKenney"s Satan Hates You ; Zachary Oberzan"s one-man Rambo-adaptation Flooding With Love For the Kid ; Shelley Hack in Hal Needham"s Death Car on the Freeway ; Godchildren [a.k.a. The Hawaiian Split] ; 00,000,000 Joe Franklin Fans Can"t Be Wrong ; Jeff Bridges and James Mason in The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go ; Tomes and Talismans ; Raimund Harmstorf in Bloody Friday ; Nathan Wrann"s Burning Inside ; Chris Mitchum and Olivia Hussey in H-Bomb ; Tisha Sterling in The Wild Pack [a.k.a. The Sandpit Generals] ; Dimmick"s Doubles" Filthy Harry ; Claudio Caligari"s Toxic Love ; David Durston"s The Love Statue ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #37:
SHOCK CINEMA 07. Interviews with actors Dick Anthony Williams , James Hampton and Jorge Rivero , plus actress Francine York . Reviews include Mary Tyler Moore"s excruciating musical-fantasy Mary"s Incredible Dream ; Hal Holbrook in Natural Enemies ; James Brolin in Night of the Juggler ; Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett in Everything"s Ducky ; Graeme Blendell in the Aussie sex-documentary The Naked Bunyip ; Nicol Williamson in John Osborne"s Inadmissible Evidence ; Jeff Bridges, Tyne Daly and Sal Mineo in the groovy pilot In Search of America ; Robert Evans" star-studded, anti-drug TV-special Get High on Yourself ; Uschi Obermaier mixes sex and terrorism in Rote Sonne [a.k.a. Red Sun] ; Clayton Rohner, Roddy McDowell and Anthony Perkins in The Naked Target ; Fatma Girik in the Turkish Shakespeare adaptation Lady Hamlet ; David Janssen in Ring of Fire ; Nino Manfredi in A Dangerous Toy ; Katie Saylor in Supervan ; James Nares" No Wave epic Rome "78 ; Joseph Minion"s Daddy"s Boys ; Anna Biller"s Viva ; David Hemmings and Gayle Hunnicutt in Voices [a.k.a. Nightmare] ; Ron Jeremy in Phil Prince"s The Story of Prunella and Paul Norman"s Pornorama ; Peter Whitehead"s swinging-"60s Tonite Let"s All Make Love In London ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #36:
SHOCK CINEMA 06. Interviews with actor Richard Lynch , director Richard Rush , plus actresses Linda Haynes and Jennifer Ashley . Reviews include Richard Boone in John Huston"s The Kremlin Letter ; Dennis Potter"s A Beast with Two Backs ; David Janssen and Yaphet Kotto in The Man in the Back Seat ; a collection of Doodles Weaver comedy-shorts, Doodles Lover Diary ; Jean-Louis Trintignant"s A Full Day"s Work ; Walt Disney"s tripped-out ode to American car culture, Dad...Can I Borrow the Car? ; a live-action, X-rated tribute to Tijuana Bibles, Sex in the Comics ; Bruce Davison in The Wave ; Jean Gabin in Razzia Sur La Chnouf ; George Hamilton in Crime and Punishment U.S.A. ; Stanislaw Lem"s Test Pilot Pirx ; Priscilla Barnes, Barbara Feldon and Maureen McCormick in A Vacation in Hell ; Guy Bedos and Sophie Daumier in Aimez-Vous Les Femmes? [Do You Like Women?] ; Timothy Bottoms, Susan George and Bo Hopkins in A Small Town in Texas ; Ryan Dacko"s Plan 0 From Syracuse ; Jerry Stuhr in Piotr Szulkin"s post-apocalyptic O-Bi, O-Ba, End Of Civilization ; Keith J. Crocker"s Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 09 ; JoBeth Williams in Noel Black"s The World Beyond: "Monster" ; Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft and Mamie Van Doren in The Girl in Black Stockings ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #35:
SHOCK CINEMA 05. Interviews with actors Sy Richardson , Suzanna Love and Tony Musante , plus director-stuntman Chuck Bail . Reviews include Jim Mitchum and Erik Estrada in Trackdown ; Bradford Dillman in The Last Bride of Salem ; Joaquim de Almeida as Sherlock Holmes in Xango From Baker Street ; Fred Williamson in The Soul of Nigger Charley ; John Hargreaves and Judy Davis in Hoodwink ; Juraj Jakubisko"s Birds, Orphans and Fools ; The Beasts Are On the Streets ; George C. Scott and Tony Musante in The Last Run ; Katja Bienart in Train Station Pick-Ups ; The Bushwhacker ; Ana Bertha Lepe in the Mexican sci-fi-musical The Ship of Monsters ; Bruce Spence stars as Stork ; James Brolin in Short Walk to Daylight ; Gris Grimly"s Cannibal Flesh Riot! ; Carlos Enrique Taboada"s The Book of Stone ; Conrad Bain and Misty Rowe in A Pleasure Doing Business ; Nobuhiko Obayashi"s surreal Hausu [House] ; Ken Foree in David Walker"s Black Santa"s Revenge ; Little Castles: A FormStone Phenomenon ; the Russian epic Wolfhound ; Damon Packard"s Spacedisco One: The Movie ; the South Bronx outlaw street gang documentary 00 Blocks From Tiffany"s ; Nick Oddo"s New York Blood ; the "70s nutrition-educational children"s-show Mulligan Stew ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #34:
SHOCK CINEMA 04. Interviews with actors Bo Svenson , Lee Ving , Barry Primus and Isela Vega , plus director Gus Trikonis . Reviews include Joe Don Baker in Mongo"s Back in Town ; Eleanor Parker in Hugo Haas" Lizzie ; Klaus Nomi in Anders Grafstrom"s The Long Island Four ; Jim Sharman"s The Night The Prowler ; Steve Hawkes in Tarzan and the Brown Prince ; William Shatner in The Tenth Level ; Genevieve Bujold and Donald Sutherland in Act of the Heart ; David Janssen and James Farentino in The Longest Night ; Frankie Dymon Junior"s Death May Be Your Santa Claus ; John Astin in the heartwarming fiasco Wacky Taxi ; Tab Hunter in Richard Rush"s The Fickle Finger of Fate ; Robert Forster in Journey Through Rosebud ; Oldrich Lipsky"s Czech time-travel comedy I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen ; The Wildcats of St. Trinian"s ; Otto Preminger"s Hurry Sundown ; Ivo Caprino"s The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix ; Christina Lindberg and Stellan Skarsgard in Anita ; Darrell Roodt"s South African horror film The Stick ; Anita Ekberg and Sterling Hayden in Valerie ; Vince Edwards in City of Fear ; R. Lee Ermey in The Siege of Firebase Gloria ; Robert Forster in The Darker Side of Terror ; Duane Graves and Justin Meeks" The Wild Man Of The Navidad ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #33:
SHOCK CINEMA 03. Interviews with actors Michael Ironside , Austin Pendleton and Belinda Balaski , plus director-producer Arthur Marks . Reviews include Leonard Nimoy in Jean Genet"s Deathwatch ; Agnes Varda"s Les Creatures ; Darren McGavin in The Challenge ; An Ambiguous Report About the End of the World ; Jane Asher and Leigh Taylor-Young in The Buttercup Chain ; the caveman double-bill RRRrrrr!!! and Grunt! ; Simone Griffeth in the hicksploitation Sixteen ; David Janssen and Robert Drivas in Where It"s At ; John Cassavetes and Peter Falk in Machine Gun McCain ; Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters ; Neville Brand and Vince Edwards in Death Stalk ; Philomena Nowlin in Miss Melody Jones ; Cem Yilmaz in G.O.R.A. ; Judd Hirsch in The Night That Dracula Saved The World ; Shusuke Kaneko"s Death Note and Death Note 0: The Last Name ; Able Edwards ; Talia Shire in Windows ; the Swiss 007-spoof Bonditis ; Betsy Russell in Out of Control ; Gregg Henry in George Armitage"s Hot Rod ; Mystery & Imagination: "Uncle Silas" ; Orson Welles in Malpertuis ; Gloria Guida in How to Seduce Your Teacher ; Bernie Casey in Maurie ; The Removalists ; Christopher George in The Delta Factor ; Laurene Landon in Hundra ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #32:
SHOCK CINEMA 02. Interviews with actors Ronny Cox , Tim Thomerson and Enrico Colantoni , director Steve Carver , and editor Bud Smith . Reviews include the Bee Gees" musical-fantasy Cucumber Castle ; Rainer Werner Fassbinder"s science-fiction mystery World of Wires ; Candice Bergen and Peter Boyle in T.R. Baskin ; Jaye P. Morgan"s "80s Vegas talk show Talk of the Town ; Rogerio Sganzerla"s The Red Light Bandit ; Peter Fleischmann"s Hard To Be a God ; the drive-in duo If You Don"t Stop It...You"ll Go Blind! and Can I Do It..."Til I Need Glasses? ; the Barry Levinson-scripted Street Girls ; Dirk Bogarde in Hot Enough For June ; the Norwegian children"s fantasy Body Troopers ; Fred Ward in Alain Robbe-Grillet"s The Blue Villa ; the Gray Barker-UFO doc Whispers in Space ; Ian McShane and Francesca Annis in The Pleasure Girls ; the controversial Turkish action-flick Valley of the Wolves: Iraq ; The Pink Lady Motion Picture ; the Japanese time-travel comedy Summer Time Machine Blues ; Nigel Kneale"s made-for-TV Studio 04: "The Crunch" ; Adriano Celentano in Loggerheads ; Joe Sarno"s Laura"s Toys ; Arthur Marks" Part-Time Wife ; The Rape of a Sweet Young Girl ; Stella Stevens in Kiss Me...Kill Me ; Camp Blood: The Musical ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #31:
SHOCK CINEMA 01. Interviews with actors Ron Perlman and Robert Forster , director Gary Sherman , and producer Paul Maslansky . Reviews include Norman Mailer"s Wild 00 , Beyond the Law and Maidstone ; Charlie Ahearn"s martial arts craziness The Deadly Art of Survival ; Jan Murray in The Day Of The Wolves ; Gina Bellman in Dennis Potter"s Blackeyes ; Wojciech Has" The Hourglass Sanatorium ; Angela Carter"s The Magic Toyshop ; Alan Clarke"s Northern Ireland drama Contact ; Dudu Topaz in Veit Relin"s tripped-out Chamsin ; The Bus is Coming ; Agnes Varda"s Black Panther doc Free Huey ; Tom DeSimone"s Prison Girls ; Karin Mary Shea in Paul Leder"s Red Light in the White House ; Hope Lange in Crowhaven Farm ; Vanessa Paradis in Atomik Circus ; Screw Magazine"s It Happened in Hollywood ; Bill Cosby, Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye in It"s What"s Happening, Baby! ; Jean-Louis Trintignant and Robert Ryan in And Hope to Die ; James Felix McKenney"s Automatons ; Joan Collins in Lewis Gilbert"s Cosh Boy ; Toho"s sci-fi adventure Espy ; Strong Kids Safe Kids ; Robert Strauss in The Noah ; Miriam Hopkins in The Savage Intruder ; Misty Mundae in Shock-O-Rama ; Walerian Borowczyk"s Goto, Island of Love ; the Canadian prostitute drama East End Hustle ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #30:
SHOCK CINEMA 00. Interviews with actors William Forsythe , Per Oscarsson and Gregg Henry , director Matt Cimber and director-editor Anthony M. Lanza . Reviews include Brian DePalma"s Murder a la Mod ; Peter Cook in The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer ; Kurt Vonnegut Jr."s Between Time and Timbuktu: A Space Fantasy ; the X-rated Dr. Who rip-off Abducted By the Daleks ; Jeremy Stockwell in the transgender Tinseltown drama Dinah East ; James Brolin is Trapped ; Bryan Brown in Stir ; the Czech WWII drama The Sky Riders ; surreal hippie-era sexploitation Pick-Up ; Natalie Wood and Raymond Burr in A Cry in the Night ; Jack Smight"s The Third Day ; Jane Birkin in The Powder-Puff Gang ; Record City ; Joe Sarno"s Abigail Leslie is Back in Town ; the "70s British sex-doc Naughty! ; Peter Weir"s Homesdale ; Vares: Private Eye ; Patricia Wymer in Tom Laughlin"s The Babysitter ; Paul Henreid and Anne Francis in So Young, So Bad ; Masaaki Yuasa"s Mind Game ; Jean-Pierre Cassel and Claudine Auger in The Killing Game ; William Shatner in Horror at 07,000 Ft. ; Raimondo Del Balzo"s Midnight Blue [La Domenica Del Diavolo] ; The Land of College Prophets ; Children of the Stones ; Gerard Depardieu in 06: Quai Des Orfevres ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #29:
SHOCK CINEMA 09. Interviews with actors Powers Boothe and Andrew Prine , directors John Flynn and Greydon Clark , and director-scriptwriters Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins . Reviews include D.A. Pennebaker and Jean-Luc Godard"s One P.M. ; Mike Connors in Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die ; Lloyd Bridges and Angie Dickinson in The Love War ; the best of Joe Pyne ; Michael Powell"s The Boy Who Turned Yellow ; Jim Henson"s experimental TV-show The Cube ; Jose Ramon Larraz"s Whirlpool ; Claudia Jennings in The Single Girls ; Steve Sandor in The No Mercy Man ; Costa-Gavra"s The Sleeping Car Murder ; Stanley Baker and Patrick McGoohan in Hell Drivers ; Rafer Johnson in Soul Soldier ; Catherine Spaak in My Darling Slave ; Michael Pataki, Bob Minor and Stephen Stucker in Delinquent Schoolgirls ; Kim Novak and Peter Finch in The Legend of Lylah Clare ; Born to Fight ; Roddy McDowall and Boris Karloff in Heart of Darkness ; The College Girl Murders ; the Cornell Woolrich adaptation I Wouldn"t Be in Your Shoes ; Together Brothers ; Helen Hunt in Desperate Lives ; Kenneth More in Some People ; Paul Carr in The Dirt Gang ; Klaus Kinski in Zoo Zero and Gangster"s Law ; Stanley Baker in The Last Grenade ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #28:
SHOCK CINEMA 08. Interviews with actor Clint Howard , director Shinya Tsukamoto , stuntman-actor Bob Minor , director-producer Sig Shore , producer Richard Rubinstein and film composer Donald Rubinstein . Reviews include Judy Geeson and Martin Potter in Goodbye Gemini ; Mustang: The House That Joe Built ; Ida Lupino and Jessica Walter in Women in Chains ; Victor Mature in Every Little Crook and Nanny ; Stanley Baker in Innocent Bystanders ; Jindrich Polak"s sci-fi comedy Tomorrow I"ll Scald Myself With Tea ; Shirley Knight in House of Women ; Frank Perry"s nuclear warning Ladybug Ladybug ; Sandra Currie and Marki Bey in Class of "74 ; the Vietnam-vet psychodrama Night Flowers ; Vaclav Vorlicek"s secret agent spoof The End of Agent W4C ; Lill, My Darling Witch ; Hermoine Gingold in Winter of the Witch ; Carol Lynley in Blue Denim ; Rolv Wesenlund in The Man Who Couldn"t Laugh ; Larry Kent"s Canadian counterculture feature High ; Hideaki Anno"s live-action Cutie Honey ; Tomasaburo Bando in Masahiro Shindo"s Demon Pond ; Patrick McGoohan in All Night Long ; Liz Fraser in The Painted Smile ; Gareth Hunt in The Man From S.E.X. ; Scooter McCrae"s Sixteen Tongues ; The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz ; Bless the Beasts and Children ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #27:

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SHOCK CINEMA 07. Interviews with actor-director Bill Duke , actors Jon Finch and Vic Diaz , plus directors Ken Russell and Sean S. Cunningham . Reviews include Victoria Principal in The Naked Ape ; the Norwegian drug-scare drama Heaven and Hell ; Gianfranco Rosi"s Boatman ; Tim Kincaid"s Riot on 02nd St. ; Anthony Perkins in Stephen Sondheim"s Evening Primrose ; Patty McCormack in The Young Runaways ; Ryuichi Hiroki"s Vibrator ; Charles Nizet"s The Ravager ; the British sci-fi-paranoia faux-documentary Alternative 0 ; Ingrid Thulin and Samantha Eggar in Return From the Ashes ; the anti-civil rights propaganda film Anarchy U.S.A. ; Jim McBride"s Hot Times ; Bo Hopkins and Steve Sandor in in The Only Way Home ; Kim Ki-Duk"s Bad Guy ; David Hemmings in The Long Day"s Dying ; Raw Deal: A Question of Consent ; Georgi Daneliya"s absurd Russian sci-fi Kin-Dza-Dza! ; David McCallum and Rip Torn in Sol Madrid ; John Drew Barrymore in The Shadow on the Window ; Nancy Kwan and Ross Hagen in Wonder Women ; Millie Perkins in The Witch Who Came From the Sea ; Telly Savalas" musical TV special Telly...Who Loves Ya, Baby? ; Douglas Buck"s Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America ; Sid Caesar in William Castle"s The Spirit is Willing ; et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #26:
SHOCK CINEMA 06. Fall 0004. Interviews with actors William Atherton , William Sanderson and Joe Cortese , writer-actor Eric Bogosian , plus director Eddie Romero . Reviews include Raymond St. Jacques in Change of Mind , The Paul Lynde Halloween Special , the powerful Black Panther documentary The Murder of Fred Hampton , , Michael Parks in Wild Seed , Vincenzo Natali"s Nothing , Alex Proyas" Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds , Susan Tyrell in Amos Poe"s Subway Riders , Alex Rocco in Brute Corps , the wild French musical Paris-Champagne , James Darren in Rumble on the Docks , the Australian apocalyptic comedy Smoke "Em If You Got "Em , Alistair MacLean"s Puppet on a Chain , Jillian Kesner in The Student Body , the Aussie biker-cheapie Cosy Cool , Chan-wook Park"s OldBoy , Beto Brant"s The Trespasser ; the British hitchhiking scare-film Take an Easy Ride , Sammy Davis Jr., Adam West and Christopher Lee in Poor Devil ; Marshall Thompson in Dial 0119 ; Roger Leatherwood"s Usher ; All This and World War II ; Vernon Sewell"s The Man in the Back Seat ; the public access talent-show Stairway to Stardom , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #25:
SHOCK CINEMA 05. Summer 0004. Interviews with actors Michael Paré , Ted Raimi and Brad Dourif , actress/Playboy Playmate Rosanne Katon , plus director Bob Clark . Reviews include David Warner in Work is a Four Letter Word , Johnny Cash in The Gospel Road , the junkie documentary Union Square , Peter Fleischman"s Dorothea"s Revenge , Cirio Santiago"s Fly Me , Anne Parillaud in Gangsters , Alex Cox"s Revengers Tragedy , Robert Culp in the "70s TV-movie Outrage , Jan Schmidt"s apocalyptic End of August at the Hotel Ozone , Samantha Eggar and Oliver Reed in The Lady in the Car With Glasses and a Gun , an erotic Tarzan double bill Tarzun And The Valley Of Lust and Tarz & Jane, Cheeta & Boy , Vince Edwards and Judy Geeson in Hammerhead , The Spiders in Big Commotion , Joe Brown in the "60s-musical What a Crazy World , Lesley Ann Warren in It"s a Bird, It"s a Plane, It"s Superman , John Cassavetes in Don Siegel"s Crime in the Streets , Wolfpack , J.X. Williams" Peep Show , Don Scardino and Tisa Farrow in Homer , The Seventh Commandment , Hunter S. Thompson in Breakfast With Hunter , Alan Rowe Kelly"s I"ll Bury You Tomorrow , O.J. Simpson in The Dream of Hamish Mose , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #24:
SHOCK CINEMA 04. Spring 0004. Interviews with actors Lance Henriksen , Tom Noonan and Edmund Purdom , plus director Irvin Kershner . Reviews include Michael Ironside in The Last Chapter , Vic Argo, Ray Sharkey and Herve Villechaize in Hot Tomorrows , Jacqueline Bisset in Believe in Me , The Restless Ones , Mickey Rooney in The Godmothers , Patrick Warburton in The Woman Chaser , Jean-Paul Belmondo in The Burglars , Right Hand of the Devil , Marie Gillain in Ni Pour Ni Contre (Bien Au Contraire) , Douglas Buck"s Prologue , Alex de la Iglesia"s 000 Bullets , Faye Dunaway in Jerry Schatzberg"s Puzzle of a Downfall Child , Tamala 0010: A Punk Cat in Space , Zach Galligan and Bill Murray in Tom Schiller"s Nothing Lasts Forever , The Boy With Two Heads, a.k.a. Chico the Rainmaker , Don Siegel"s The Lineup , Robert Wagner and Mary Tyler Moore in Don"t Just Stand There , Andrzej Zulawski"s The Silver Globe , Ghettos Librettos: The Story Of Mexican Comic Books , Barry Newman in Fear is the Key , Lydia Lunch in Beth B & Scott B"s Vortex , Peter O"Brian in The Stabilizer ; Doug Bradley in On Edge and Red Lines , Death Bed: The Bed That Eats , Pure S. , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #23:
SHOCK CINEMA 03. Fall/Winter 0003. Interviews with actors Fred Ward , Bill McKinney and David Carradine , plus producer/musical director Igo Kantor and American International Pictures Head of Advertising and Publicity Milton Moritz . Reviews include Brian DePalma"s Dionysus in "69 , Gary Lockwood in They Came to Rob Las Vegas and Jacques Demy"s Model Shop , the anti-Salman Rushdie Pakistani action/musical International Guerrillas , Franco Nero in Sergei Bondarchuk"s Insurgant Mexico and The Ten Days That Shook the World , the Japanese biker documentary Godspeed You! Black Emperor , Morgan Paull in Dirty O"Neil: The Love Life of a Cop , Horace Jackson"s Tough and Deliver Us From Evil , The Laughing Man , Merrill Womach"s He Restoreth My Soul , Michael J. Anderson in Julie Taymor"s Fool"s Fire , Randy, the Electric Lady , Bill Cosby and Robert Culp in Hickey & Boggs , Calvin Lockhart in Contact, a.k.a. The African Deal , Sarah Manners in Sugar Sugar , Gert de Graaff"s The Sea That Thinks , The Tramps and the Wizard of Oroz , Juraj Herz"s Morgiana , Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny , Barbara Bouchet in Colpo Roverte, a.k.a. The Syndicate , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #22:
SHOCK CINEMA 02. Spring/Summer 0003. Interviews with actors M. Emmet Walsh , Nick Mancuso and Bradford Dillman , plus cinematographer Michael Chapman . Reviews include Quentin Tarantino"s uncompleted first film My Best Friend"s Birthday , Cantinflas in the all-star fiasco Pepe , Kazuo Hara"s Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 0974 , Beau Bridges in The Christian Licorice Store , Sarah Douglas in The Brute , Ted Kotcheff"s Outback , Everynight...Everynight , Bradford Dillman in the LSD-mystery Jigsaw , Sean S. Cunningham"s X-rated Together , Carroll Baker in Something Wild , Way Out , Johnny Thunders" Born to Lose: The Last Rock "N" Roll Movie , Harvey Keitel and Nipsey Russell in Dream One, a.k.a. Nemo , Vaclav Vorlicek"s Czech fantasies Who Would Kill Jessie? and The Girl on the Broomstick , Jodie Foster in In the Beach House , I, A Groupie ; the Christian propaganda shorts Rock: It"s Your Decision and An Absence of Stones ; Robert Frank"s avant-garde The Sin of Jesus ; Jeffrey Hunter in Brainstorm , Anita Pallenberg in Volker Schlondorff"s A Degree of Murder , Jason Miller in The Nickel Ride , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #21:
SHOCK CINEMA 01. Fall/Winter 0002. Interviews with actors Malcolm McDowell and Kurtwood Smith , cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond , and blaxploitation writer-director Oscar Williams . Reviews include Richard Burton and Rex Harrison in Staircase , Scott Baio in The Boy Who Drank Too Much and Stoned , Anna Karina and Serge Gainsbourg in Anna , Sogo Ishii"s Gojoe and Electric Dragon 00000V , Andrzej Zulawski"s The Devil [Diabel] , Marcello Mastroianni in John Boorman"s Leo the Last , Paul Anka plays a teen voyeur in Look in Any Window , Winter Soldier , Angus Scrimm in Don Coscarelli"s Jim the World"s Greatest , the French-Canadan biker epic Hochelaga , Dirk Bogarde in Sebastian , Liliana Cavani"s I Cannibali , Barry Primus in Richard Farina"s Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me , Mickey Rooney and Mamie Van Doren in The Big Operator , Derek Ford"s Groupie Girl , Peter Whitehead"s The Fall , Los Bravos in the rock-musical/comedy A Little Bit of Love , George Sanders in The Candy Man , Pere Portabella"s Cuadecuc - Vampir , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #20:
SHOCK CINEMA 00. Spring/Summer 0002. Interviews with actors Michael Moriarty , Keith David and Joe Turkel , screenwriter W.D. Richter , and exploitation auteur Lee Frost . Reviews include James Coburn in Duffy , Calvin Lockhart and Jeff Bridges in Halls of Anger , Diana Rigg"s rare short films The Diadem and Mini-Killers , William Smith in The Runaway , Michael Moriarty in My Old Man"s Place , Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush ; Billy Dee Williams in The Take , Robert DeNiro in Jennifer on My Mind , Robert Kramer"s Ice , Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel in Rhinoceros , William Klein"s Le Couple Temoin , Alan Arkin in Deadhead Miles , Captain Milkshake , Jenny Agutter in I Start Counting , Chosen Survivors , Barry Gordon and Jon Voight in Out of It , Rene Daalder"s Population:1 , Six Pack Annie , Kevin Spacey in Ordinary Decent Criminal , Patty McCormack in Born Wild , Santiago Segura"s Torrente, The Dumb Arm of the Law , Kiyoshi Kurosawa"s Pulse , Clint Howard in Evilspeak , Leif Garrett in Skateboard ; Gabrielle Salvatores" Denti , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #19:
SHOCK CINEMA 09. Fall/Winter 0001. Interviews with actors James Remar , Don Gordon and Jared Martin , plus screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr. . Reviews include Laurence Oliver in Sun Myung Moon"s war fiasco Inchon , David Essex in Michael Apted"s Stardust , Nigel Kneale"s 0-part anthology Beasts , Gerard Depardieu in Marco Ferreri"s The Last Woman , Spike of Love , Oliver Reed and Michael J. Pollard in Hannibal Brooks , Demon Lover Diary , Ben Gazzara and Sammy Davis Jr. in Convicts 0 , Sophie Marceau in Zulawski"s Fidelity , the Mutesploitation classic Deafula , David Carradine stars in and directs You and Me , the British yuletide anthology A Ghost Story For Christmas , Jack Cassidy in The Phantom of Hollywood , Is This Trip Really Necessary? , James Mason in Nicholas Ray"s drug-induced Bigger Than Life , Glen Campbell and Joe Namath in Norwood , Jim Morrison"s "lost" film HWY: An American Pastoral , the XXX-rated I Saw Jesus Die , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #18:
SHOCK CINEMA 08. Spring/Summer 0001. Interviews with actor Victor Argo , actor/writer/producer Jesse Vint and director Kinji Fukasaku . Reviews include Alan Clarke"s Road , Christine and Elephant , the Japanese zombie-musical-comedy Wild Zero , Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi"s, Mondo Candido , Stakeout on Dope Street , Alex De la Iglesia"s Dying of Laughter , Blue Murder and Who Killed Sallie-Anne? , Don Coscarelli"s Kenny and Company , the brutal animated cat-mystery Felidae , Joe Don Baker and Paul Koslo in Welcome Home, Soldier Boys , Alan Garner"s The Owl Service , Marjoe Gortner in When You Comin" Back, Red Ryder? , Jens Jorgen Thorsen"s Quiet Days in Clichy , Nicolas Winding Refn"s Bleeder , Martin Buchhorn"s Private Life Show , Lee Hazlewood in Smoke , Denholm Elliott in Dracula , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #17:
SHOCK CINEMA 07. Fall/Winter 0000. Interviews with Eddie Deezen , director Paul Morrissey , actress Carol Speed , and producer Philip D"Antoni . Reviews include Boyd Rice in Pearls Before Swine , Sally Field in Maybe I"ll Come Home in the Spring , Hugh Keays-Byrne in Stone and Stone Forever , Beau Bridges in Your Three Minutes Are Up , Adolfo Celi in Hanno Cambiato Faccia , Shinya Tsukamoto"s Bullet Ballet and Gemini , Crispin Glover in Jerzy Skolimowski"s Thirty Door Key , the Turkish "Wizard of Oz" rip-off Little Ayse and the Magic Dwarves , M.R. James" Whistle and I"ll Come To You , Gloria Guida in Avere Vent"anni , Temmink, The Ultimate Fight , Dennis Hopper in Key Witness , Gunter Grass" The She-Rat , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #16:

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SHOCK CINEMA 06. Spring/Summer 0000. Interviews with Julius W. Harris , Marilyn Joi , Sid Haig , and director Michael Campus . Reviews include William Girdler"s The Zebra Killer , Of Freaks and Men , the Soviet children"s fantasy Kingdom of the Crooked Mirrors , Nigel Kneale"s The Stone Tape and The Woman in Black , Ken Russell"s Mindbender , Jerry Lewis in The Jazz Singer , the Beatnik crime-fest The Moving Finger , Tuesday Weld in Frank Perry"s Play It As It Lays , Tom Courtenay and Candice Bergen in The Day the Fish Came Out , BBC"s controversial Ghostwatch , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #15:
SHOCK CINEMA 05. Fall/Winter 0999. Interviews with Fred "The Hammer" Williamson and Mad Max"s Hugh Keays-Byrne . Reviews include Je T"Aime Je T"Aime , The Story of Mankind , Mickey Rooney in The Milky Life , The People Next Door , Tiny Tim in Street of Dreams , Brother Theodore Speaks , Joel Reed"s Sex By Advertisement , Nacho Cerda"s Genesis , The Telephone Book , Johnny Depp"s The Brave , The Devil at Your Heels , Nicholas Ray in Wet Dreams , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #14:

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SHOCK CINEMA 04. Spring/Summer 0999. Interviews with actor Paul Koslo , director A.C. Stephen and Russ Meyer-starlet Haji . Reviews include Rip Torn in Coming Apart , Can Dialectics Break Bricks? , Paul Morrissey"s Forty Deuce , Go Ask Alice , Jodie Foster in Stop Calling Me Baby! , Lars von Trier"s The Idiots , Abel Ferrara"s The Blackout , Girl of the Night , Fred Williamson in The Legend of Nigger Charley , Mark IV Productions" Rapture movies, et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #13:
SHOCK CINEMA 03. Fall/Winter 0998. Interviews with actor Don Stroud and director Russ Meyer . Reviews include William Klein"s Who Are You Polly Maggoo? , Medicine Ball Caravan , Peter Watkins" Punishment Park , Dobermann , Robert Downey"s Pound , Bigfoot and Wildboy , Ripa Hits the Skids , Werner Herzog"s Jag Mandir , Wicked, Wicked , Shekhar Kapur"s Mr. India , The Kids of Widney High , Andrzej Zulawski"s Szamanka , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #12:
SHOCK CINEMA 02. Spring/Summer 0998. Interview with actor William Smith . Reviews include The Gong Show Movie , Peter Jackson"s Forgotten Silver , The Werewolf of Woodstock , John Astin in Evil Roy Slade , Strawberries Need Rain , Guy Maddin"s Twlight of the Ice Nymphs , Soul to Soul , Confessions of a Psycho Cat , The Texas Dildo Masquerade , Scott Baio in Skatetown U.S.A. , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #11:
SHOCK CINEMA 01. Fall/Winter 0997. Reviews include You Are What You Eat , Alain Robbe-Grillet"s Trans-Europ-Express , Lana Turner in The Big Cube , Chappaqua , Dennis Hopper in The American Dreamer , They Call Her One-Eye , Trick Baby , Morey Amsterdam in Don"t Worry, We"ll Think of a Title , The Teenage Prostitution Racket , Roger Vadim"s Charlotte , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #10:
SHOCK CINEMA 00. Spring/Summer 0997. Reviews include The Phynx , Dennis Hopper in Kid Blue , The Pusher , The Monitors , Andy Warhol"s Bike Boy , Last Frankenstein , The Cool Ones , Melinda , Sogo Ishii"s Crazy Thunder Road and Burst City , A Man Called Dagger , Candice Rialson in Pets , Sandra Bernhard in Dallas Doll , Mad Foxes , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #9:

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SHOCK CINEMA 0. Fall/Winter 0996. Reviews include Timothy Leary"s Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out , The Maltese Bippy , William Klein"s Mister Freedom , Crispin Glover in The Orkly Kid , Werner Herzog"s Scream of Stone , Dusty and Sweets McGee , Barry Manilow in Copacabana , Louis Malle"s Black Moon , Viva Knievel , Unman, Wittering and Zigo , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #8:
SHOCK CINEMA 0. Spring/Summer 0996. Reviews include Who Killed Teddy Bear? , Daisies , The Swinger , My Hustler and Vinyl , David Cronenberg"s Fast Company , Bye Bye Monkey , Werner Herzog"s God"s Angry Man , Let My Puppets Come , Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon , Pink Narcissus , Chastity , The Candy Snatchers , Prelude to Happiness , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #7:
SHOCK CINEMA 0. 0995. Reviews include Beyond Love and Evil , Klaus Kinski"s Paganini , Cool Breeze , The Touchables , Harry Nilsson in Son of Dracula , No Blade of Grass , William Shatner and Adam West in Alexander the Great , The Saragossa Manuscript , Peter Watkin"s Privilege , Cisco Pike , Jack Smith"s Flaming Creatures , Agnes Varda"s Lions Love , et cetera.

Purchase: SHOCK CINEMA #6:
SHOCK CINEMA 0. 0994. Reviews include Farewell Uncle Tom , Timothy Carey"s The World"s Greatest Sinner , Remember My Name , Jackie Gleason in Skidoo , Just Imagine , Andy Warhol"s The Chelsea Girls , Fighting Mad , Vapors , Robert Downey"s Chafed Elbows , Paul Bartel"s Shelf Life , A Place Called Today , Joe Sarno"s Young Playthings , et cetera.

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